The Power Grid fails again and again?

Storms that bring trees upside down can often lead to days of power outages. Also icing or other weather extremes often cause severe damage to the public power lines. The human and economic consequences for a community unexpectedly cut off from the power grid can be enormous.
This starts with the failed cold store or freezer, no longer working medical devices, up to no cashier works anymore, the ventilation in the stable has failed, no electric stove, no light, no TV or radio, no internet, … the list can be continued endlessly.

Power failures, whether a few hours, days or weeks, can be automatically detected and bypassed with PowerCube. Never have to endure days without electricity.
(PowerCube works in parallel with the power grid, self-detecting when the utility grid does not provide electricity, and feeding the connected electrical loads at its own capacity, and when the power returns, PowerCube automatically disconnects from the grid. This is what is called "Network Stabilization".)