And how does it work?

Basically PowerCube consists of the following components: A standard 20ft freight container containing the technology Control units that control the flow of current and power distribution A large rechargeable maintenance-free battery storage Motor-driven generator (up to 4 pieces depending on the version) Tank for the engine (the engines, if several) Photovoltaic system (outside the container) for ecological power generation Optional: Hot water storage for heat extraction Optional: Gas control and safety route for the use of biogas Very simplified, it works as follows: PowerCube delivers power through its massive battery storage. And it again recharges the batteries fully automatically and coordinated by the built-in control units. For this purpose, the electricity is either taken from the photovoltaic system, and if no sun shines, a motor-driven, self-developed generator, generates the electricity. This process is fully automatic and without the need for external intervention. The motor that drives the generator is automatically started and stopped, and is always within a predetermined optimized range of effect. Its terms are only as long as necessary. This is an essential difference to, for example, an emergency generator. As fuel for the engine diesel, heating oil, or vegetable oil can be used. An admixture of biogas is possible. The waste heat generated at the engine can also be used.